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Picture of the Week: SOM 50th

Preliminary sketch of Canyon Garden, 2007

This preliminary sketch of Canyon Garden on UNM's north campus was drawn in 2007. Canyon Garden, located outside the ground floor of the Domenici Center, features a fountain, a basketball court and areas where students can study and relax.


Two Open Access Panel Discussions to Be Held Today
October 20, 2014
In recognition of Open Access Week, the UNM Innovative Scholarly Initiatives Committee has planned a week of events to promote Open Access across campus. read more...

Panel Discussion on Sharing Research Data to Be Held on October 22
October 20, 2014
In recognition of Open Access Week, a free panel discussion on the topic of sharing research data will be held on Wednesday, October 22. read more...

Learn How to Use Zotero on October 20
October 16, 2014
The library has decided to cancel our RefWorks subscription, effective January 31, 2015. read more...

Gary Iwamoto, MD, to Discuss Patient Portals on October 22
October 16, 2014