Our Heritage Meets Our Future

Options for giving include the following Frontier programs:

  • Library Collections
    Purchasing memorial books and electronic journals; advancing open-access publication of electronic research articles; expanding access to the latest research
  • Information Technology
    Increasing the capacity for access to digital information; creating more computer classrooms; piloting new technologies
  • Biomedical Informatics
    Establishing a training opportunity for New Mexico in this emerging field, which is needed to advance the use of electronic health records
  • Native American Health Information Services
    Expanding online databases that provide health information about and for Native Americans; expanding health information outreach across New Mexico
  • New Mexico Health Historical Collection
    Protecting New Mexico's health historical information, preserving memories, and sharing them with more people through digitizing the historical collections
  • Infotechnica: The Library of the Future
    Providing discretionary funding and flexibility to ensure that HSLIC stays at the forefront of providing progressive information services to the people of New Mexico