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How Constraints of Technology Limit Research: Lecture on Thursday, February 16th

February 1, 2017

Photo of Scott Ness, PhD

On Thursday, February 16th, Scott Ness, PhD, will discuss how constraints of technology limit research. Dr. Ness is the Victor and Ruby Hansen Surface Endowed Professor in Cancer Genomics and a UNM professor in Internal Medicine and Molecular Medicine.

Personalized medicine has ushered in a new era of medical care in which genomic analyses of patient samples provide detailed information for customizing treatment. Currently, most approaches used for personalized medicine analyze only relatively small panels of genes or limit the types of data to a few simple tests that can be distilled easily into a pathology report. However, research uses of genomic data are pushing the limits of our technologies; current network and computing capabilities can be insufficient.

Dr. Ness will discuss some examples of personalized medicine that have been used successfully at the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, some new types of assays that use genomic data in unusual ways and the challenges we face as we move toward trying to analyze larger data sets. This lecture is part of our Biomedical Informatics Seminar Series (BioMISS). The presentation runs 10–11 a.m. at HSLIC, room 228. Everyone is invited to attend.