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Electronic Reserves FAQs

Accessing Electronic Reserves

Electronic Reserves are available online to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When prompted, please enter the Electronic Reserves password that was provided by your Instructor.

Tabs, Documents, and Folders

Once you have accepted the copyright statement you will be taken to the Course Reserves page where you will see several tabs. The most important of these is the Documents tab, which shows all the materials the Library and your Instructor have made available to you.

You may see one or more folders on the Course Reserves page as well. To open or close a folder you can click on its title or icon, or you can use the provided link to open/close all folders with a single click. Each folder can contain several sub-folders and Documents helping to organize materials on the Course Reserves Page.

Course Info Tab and Email Alerts

The Course Info tab has important information from your instructor regarding the Electronic Reserves website. On this tab you can send an email to your instructor, see information about your Course Electronic Reserves Page, sign up to receive email alerts, and view special announcements from your instructor.

If you would like to receive an email message each time your Course Electronic Reserves page is updated click on its "Info" tab and then click the "Sign up for Email Alerts" link to open the subscription window. In the new window enter your name and email address and click the "Save" button to sign up. You will receive a subscription notification immediately after your request is processed. Each email you receive will include a link that allows you to cancel the email alerts at any time.

Viewing Files

Files attached to a Document can be opened by clicking on the file name you wish to view. In most cases the file will open into a new browser window, where it can be viewed or printed.

Some files require a special plug-in before the file can be opened on your computer. If you don't have the proper plug-in installed you will be asked to save the file on your computer. If this happens you can use the links below to find the correct viewer for the file you are trying to open. After following the instructions provided by the software developer you can click on the filename again to view the file properly.

Some helpful links: