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HSLIC Service

Testing Center

Room 105 in the Health Sciences and Services Building (HSSB) is a computerized testing center for HSC academic programs.

What We Do

HSLIC can provide up to 53 laptop computers in HSSB 105 for wireless testing. These laptops have a battery life of six to eight hours; for longer exams, power extension cords are available. HSSB 105 has high-capacity wireless service; table seating for 68, plus several additional chairs; and standard AV setup (instructor PC, projector and screen).

HSLIC staff can help you set up the laptops and access the Internet exam site on each computer.

Why Do I Want It?

This on-campus testing location eliminates the cost and complications involved with renting external testing centers.

Who Is This For?

The HSSB 105 testing center is available to all HSC academic units.

How Do I Get It?

Please check room availability in EMS (ems.unm.edu) and then email HSC-HSLICReservations@salud.unm.edu to request reservations for the room and the laptop computers. Setting up laptop computers in the testing center requires that the room reservation extend a minimum of one hour prior to and one hour following the exam. Room keys are available for checkout at the HSLIC Service Point prior to your scheduled reservation time.

For questions, please email reflib@salud.unm.edu or call (505) 272-2311.

What Do I Need?

HSC faculty, staff or a person acting on the behalf of HSC faculty may reserve a classroom for the purposes outlined above. When you reserve the room, please specify how many laptops you will need set up.

How Much Does It Cost?

This service is free to all HSC academic units.

Service Hours

The operating hours for the HSSB 105 testing center are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m M-F.


HSLIC Service Point, (505) 272-2311

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HSLIC Service Point

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