HSC Web Development

The HSLIC Techs Web Team provides specific website and applications-related services for the UNM Health Sciences Center. Click here to contact us.

Websites —The web team provides a wide range of services in support of the HSC web effort:

  1. Develop web policy and web standards for public-facing websites.
  2. Create the standard templates used by HSC web authors.
  3. Teach classes to help HSC web authors understand the goals of the HSC web effort and help them with their websites.
  4. Consult with departmental web authors on the development of their sites.
  5. Creates and maintain sites for departments under special circumstances.
  6. Provide access to web statistic reports.
  7. Work with variousHSC components to coordinate the HSC web effort.
  8. Maintain the HSC intranet.

Custom web-based database applications — The HSC Web Team develops web-based database applications that support research and business efforts across the HSC. This includes all phases of application development: design, coding, implementation and maintenance. At this time the team has close to 70 database applications in use at the HSC. Types of applications the Web Team has developed, with specific examples, are:

  1. Database applications that support public-facing websites: HSC Calendar, UNM Image Gallery, Find a Doctor
  2. Database applications that support departmental business processes: Time Tracking, Leave Tracking, Transaction Corrections
  3. Software to capture student evaluations of courses: SOM Student Evaluations
  4. Software for specific grant-funded research projects: IBHRA, RIOSNet, Workplace Genetic Survey
  5. Specialized library search applications: LASM, NHD

Application support — The HSC Web Team provides administrative support and planning for two HSC-wide applications:

  1. InfoEd
  2. SharePoint

IT support for HSC departments — In some cases, the Web Team works with the other two units in Techs to support institutional level vendor applications that support core business processes. The support we provide  varies according the particular project. It includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Consultations on database reporting
  2. Consultations on data management
  3. Assistance with software upgrades