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Making a Gift or Donation to HSLIC

Our Policy

The Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center (HSLIC) recognizes the importance of donations to fill gaps in the collections. Gifts that are timely in content and/or relevant to the HSLIC’s mission can provide depth to the collections, and may replace missing or damaged volumes. However, due to the labor-intensive nature of gift processing and University-imposed funding constraints, HSLIC must be judicious in its acceptance of gifts.  

HSLIC also accepts monetary donations that can be targeted to specific areas of need. Please visit the "Why Your Gift to HSLIC Is Vital" page for more information.

Donations We Accept

  • Books related to the healthcare field published in the last five years
  • Books related to the healthcare field with historical significance
  • Materials relating to the history of the UNM Health Sciences Center or to the practice of healthcare in New Mexico

Donations We Do NOT Accept

  • Print journals (bound or unbound)

How to Make a Donation

  • Provide a list of the materials, including their publication dates, for review. Lists should be sent to Karen McElfresh
  • Within 30 days, we will notify you of the materials we are able to accept.
  • HSLIC will coordinate with you to arrange a time for delivery when personnel and space are available. Donors are responsible for arranging transportation of materials to HSLIC.

Contact Information

Questions may be addressed to Karen McElfresh, Resource Management Librarian.

General Donation Information

All donated materials become the property of The University of New Mexico upon receipt (see UNM Business Policy 7710). HSLIC reserves the right to determine the final disposition of all donated items. 

HSLIC will acknowledge receipt of the gift within thirty days, either by mail or email, according to the donor’s preference. HSLIC is unable to provide itemized receipts for donations.

HSLIC cannot provide appraisals for gifts. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service prohibits appraisals from a recipient institution that is directly involved in the transaction. If needed, HSLIC suggests consulting an independent appraiser for the appraisal of gifts. 

Other Donation Information

If your materials do not fit the donation criteria above or HSLIC has declined your gift, there are other donation programs you may want to investigate. This page provides a list of international donation programs. However, due to the rapidity of changes in medical and health sciences information, it may not be possible to find a donor for older material.

The City of Albuquerque Recycling program accepts books through their curbside recycling service, or at their drop off locations. See their website for more information

View the HSLIC Donations to the Collections Policy.