UNM Health Sciences Library & Informatics Center

MSC 09 5100
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Phone: (505) 272-2311

Photo of Dr. Philip Kroth

Philip J. Kroth, MD, MS

Director, Biomedical Informatics Research, Training and Scholarship
Professor, School of Medicine

Phone:  (505) 272-6937
Fax:  (505) 272-8254
Email: PKroth@salud.unm.edu

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Library Responsibilities

Envoy Assignments

Contact me for assistance with:

  • Applying for or learning more about the UNM (or other) Biomedical Informatics Research Fellowship Programs
  • Using the UNM CTSC Biomedical Informatics Component’s resources as part of a research project you are planning
  • Providing an opportunity suitable as a research project for a biomedical informatics fellow (with or without funding)
  • Receiving a biomedical informatics consultation for a research project
  • Collaborating on a grant or research project with a biomedical informatics component
  • Finding a research project in biomedical informatics for a medical student
  • Finding a speaker on topics related to biomedical informatics
  • Finding the answers to questions about the field of biomedical informatics and learning more about it