Interprofessional Healthcare Simulation Center

    MSC 09 5100
    1 University of New Mexico
    Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

    Physical Location:
    Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education, North Wing

    Phone: (505) 925-4444

    IHSC General Facility Information


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    Access to the IHSC

    • Student badge access is handled in bulk through each school or college.
    • Faculty/staff badge access requires approval by IHSC.
    • For assistance with access requests, contact the IHSC Program Specialist at 925-4444.

    IHSC Advisory Committee Members

    IHSC-ACVoting members*Meeting participantsAdvisory participants
    College of Nursing

    Herica Torres 
    Adreanne Cordova

    College of Pharmacy

    Joe Anderson
    Alex Sible

    Don Godwin N/A
    School of Medicine (Assessment)

    Ed Fancovic
    Audrey Ortega

    Kristy Allocca N/A
    Academic Affairs N/A

    Steve Stockdale
    Beth Mercer (IHSC)

    Interprofessional Educ / BATCAVE N/A

    Yvette Ammerman (IPE)
    John Rask (BATCAVE)

    * IHSC Advisory Committee as of April 9, 2018. Per IHSC-AC Charter, voting members are only the 2 representatives from CoN, CoP and SoM.