Interprofessional Healthcare Simulation Center

    MSC 09 5100
    1 University of New Mexico
    Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

    Physical Location:
    Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education, North Wing

    Phone: (505) 925-4444

    Scheduling IHSC Rooms

    Prior to submitting your request, check availability on The University of New Mexico Virtual Event Management System (EMS). Then fill out the web form request (only for UNM School of Medicine-managed spaces within the IHSC) using Google Chrome or Firefox.

    Requests are reviewed within three to five business days. The College of Nursing handles their own room requests for their respective-managed spaces.

    By requesting a reservation, you agree to follow procedures outlined in the IHSC User Responsibility Agreement [PDF].

    Please be aware: Monitor Room and corresponding equipment have been upgraded to SimulationIQ product. Contact Chris R. Kiscaden, IHSC Manager, at, as appropriate.

    Only courses and classes requiring use of the Interprofessional Healthcare Simulation Center's (IHSC) specialized resources to accomplish learning activities will be scheduled, per established priorities/guidelines laid out in the Guidelines for Scheduling the IHSC Space [PDF]. Internal UNM departments can schedule rooms within the IHSC; students may not.

    Space Request Process

    The following is the process for requesting space in the IHSC. Please note: A request does not guarantee a reservation.

    1. Reference the color-coded Facility Floor Plan [PDF] so you know which rooms to request.

    2. Check room availability on the Event Management System (EMS) prior to requesting space.

    3. If when you check EMS and space isn't available (or, if you determine the IHSC is not the right space for your event), consider if other rooms might meet your needs. If so, for Domenici Center small group rooms, please email For Fitz Hall rooms, email

    4. If the space appears to be available and you determine you need the IHSC's specialized resources, then fill out the IHSC web form only for School of Medicine-managed space (orange on the Facility Floor Plan [PDF]).

    5. There's a different process for requesting College of Nursing-managed space (blue on the Facility Floor Plan [PDF]). Begin by completing the College of Nursing Room and Equipment Reservation form.

    Remember, the IHSC is a locked, secure, badge-accessible facility. If you have questions about requesting space at the IHSC or if you require access instructions, contact the IHSC at