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“Handbook...for the use of public health nurses working with rural Spanish-Americans in northern New Mexico.”
FL 905; 1 folder.  Companion publication to Manual and Glossary prepared under an NIH grant in New Mexico Health District #1 (1958-1963).
Access Term(s): Cultural Characteristics; Public Health Nursing; Rural Health.

Handicapped Persons
DC 433; 1 document case.  Ephemera.
Access Term(s): Disabled Persons.

Hannett, James W., M.D., 1882-1956.
FL 1148; 1 folder.  Cassette tape of interview with daughter.
Access Term(s): Oral History; Physicians, Family.

Hanold, Fred H., M.D., 1915-.  [Oral History Collection]
FL 975; 1 folder.  4 sound cassettes (4 hrs. 45 min.) + 2 transcripts (73 pgs.).
Interview with Fred H. Hanold by Jake Spidle surveys Dr. Hanold’s life and thirty year career as an internist in Albuquerque, New Mexico as well as his extensive involvement with medical issues in the state.
FL 1077; 1 folder.  “History of New Mexico Chapter, American College of Physicians.”
FL 868; 1 folder.  Cassette tape, transcript.
Interviewed Richard R. Barr about Mastercare (HMO).
Access Term(s): Health Maintenance Organizations; Mastercare (HMO); Oral History; Physicians; Internal Medicine; Societies, Medical.

DC 487; 1 document case.  Ephemera (1993-).
Access Term(s): Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.

Hardy, William R., M.D., 1929-.  [Oral History Collection]
FL 1237; 1 folder.  1 sound cassette (75 min.) + 1 transcript (25 p.).
Interview with William R. Hardy by Jake Spidle focuses on Dr. Hardy’s reflections on the early years of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine from the viewpoint of one of the pioneer faculty members.
Access Term(s): Oral History; Physicians; UNM School of Medicine Faculty.

Hartz, Alvin S., M.D., 1915-1989.  [Oral History Collection]
FL 907; 1 folder.  2 sound cassettes (100 min.) + 1 transcript (23 p.), newspaper clipping.
Interview with Alvin S. Hartz by Jake Spidle surveys Dr. Hartz’s 35 years of practice as an internist in Farmington, New Mexico.
Access Term(s): Oral History; Physicians; Internal Medicine; Rural Health.

Hazardous Substances
DC 415; 1 document case.  Ephemera.

Hazardous Waste
Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety. Santa Fe; CN 158.
Crownpoint Spill -- Navajo Reservation, 1979; DC 422.
Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP), Carlsbad; CN 158.

Head Injuries / See: Brain Injuries

“Healing, imagination, and New Mexico,” by Stephen D. Fox.
FL 881; 1 folder. Article from New Mexico Historical Review (Jul. 1983).
Access Term(s): Alternative Medicine.

“Health administration education in New Mexico, Need for,” by H.J. Muller, N.S. Kruger, and L.T. Gordon.
FL 1090; 1 folder. Article in Border Health (Jul.-Sep., 1988).

“Health care across cultures: public health nurses in Hispanic and Native American communities,” by Sandra K. Schackel.
FL 1282; 1 folder.  Paper prepared for publication (1992).
Access Term(s): Indian Health; Public Health Nursing.

Health Care Costs
New Mexico Conference on Health Care, 1990; FL 1147.

“Health Care in the 1990's ... a small business forum.”
FL 1268; 1 folder.  Cost information for small employers.
Access Term(s): Insurance Benefits.

Health Care Reform
Health Care Reform 1991-1994; CN 171.
New Mexicare; FL 1267.
Vall-Spinosa, Arthur, M.D.; FL 1196.

Health Care Reform 1991-1994, Carol A. Miller Collection.
CN 171; 4 boxes.  Papers collected by Carol A. Miller, M.P.H., while serving on The White House Health Care Task Force.
Access Term(s): Health Care Reform.

Health Care Sector
New Mexico Health Care Industry -- Current Economic Report; FL 1285.

Health Education
Association for the Advancement of Health Education; FL 904.
Comprehensive Health Education in New Mexico Public Schools; FL 1082.
HealthNet New Mexico (1980-1993); CN 122.
National Health Education Activities Survey -- State of New Mexico; FL 904.
New Mexico Health Coalition/New Mexico Chicano Mental Health Task Force; FL 1026.
New Mexico Society for Healthcare Educators; FL 934.

Health Facilities—New Mexico
Health Facilities: Postcards; PH 113.
Hospitals, Miscellaneous - New Mexico; PH 095.
La Mesa Medical Center. Albuquerque; FL 1277.
New Mexico Health Foundation, 1946-1964; DC 401.
See also: Hospitals

Health Fair New Mexico.
FL 1133; 1 expanding folder.  Reports, manuals, ephemera (1985, 1986).
Access Term(s): Health Education; Health Promotion.

Health Maintenance Organizations—New Mexico
FHP Inc.; DC 474.
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO's); FL 1075.
Health Plus, Inc. Albuquerque, N.M.; CN 127.
Lovelace Clinic/Hospital/Medical Center/Health Plan; CN 114.
Mastercare (HMO); FL 868.
New Mexico Health Care Corp.; FL 847.
Presbyterian Health Plan/Healthcare Services/Hospital/Medical Center. Albuquerque; CN 127.
Qual-Med, Inc. Health Plan; FL 968.

Health Manpower
New Mexico Health Resources, Inc.; DC 444.
Pharmacy Manpower in the West; DC 465.

Healthmobile (circa 1922).
PH 038; 1 folder. Photographs.
Access Term(s): New Mexico Public Health Association; Public Health; Rural Health.

HealthNet New Mexico (1980-1993).
CN 122; 1 box.  Records and publications, 1986-1990.
Access Term(s): Health Education; Health Promotion.

Health Planning/ Health Planning Organizations
Mid-Rio Grande Health Planning Council, Inc.; CN 113
North Central New Mexico Comprehensive Health Planning Council (NorCHap). Santa Fe; DC 442.
New Mexico Health Decisions; FL 909.

Health Policy
New Mexico Health Decisions; FL 909.

Health Promotion
Environmental Sanitation Plus, Books 1 & 2, by O.E. Puckett, M.D.; FL 839.
Health Fair New Mexico; FL 1133.
HealthNet New Mexico (1980-1993); CN 122.
New Mexico Health Resources Registry; FL 1083.
Wellness New Mexico Association. Albuquerque, N.M. (1984-1987); FL 939.

Health Plus (HMO) / See: Presbyterian Health Plan

Health Plus, Inc. Albuquerque (N.M.).
CN 127; 8 folders.  Newsletters, formularies, directories, enrollment packets, ephemera.
Access Term(s): HMO; Health Maintenance Organizations.

“Health services - it's your body.”
FL 973; 1 folder.  Special issue of New Mexico Independent (Aug. 1977), Bernalillo County, N.M.

Health Services Administration
Chauvenet, Beatrice; FL 863.
“Need for Health Administration Education in New Mexico,” by H.J. Muller, N.S. Kruger, and L.J. Gordon; FL 1090.

Health Services Needs and Demands
New Mexico Conference on Health Care, 1990; FL 1147.

American Heart Association, New Mexico Affiliate; DC 483.
Heart; FL 1050.
New Heart Rehabilitation Program. Albuquerque, N.M.; FL 946.

Heim, Richard W, 1924-. [Oral History Collection]

Henderson, Carl, M.P.H., 1908-.  [Oral History Collection]
FL 1244; 1 folder.  3 sound cassettes (250 min.) + 1 transcript.
Interview with Carl Henderson by Jake Spidle surveys Mr. Henderson’s more than forty years of service with the New Mexico State Health Department.
Acess Term(s): Oral History; Public Health; Sanitation.

Hendryson, Irvin E., M.D., 1912-1977.
PH 199; 1 folder.  Photographs.  
Access Term(s): Physicians; Orthopedics.

Hill-Burton Program.
FL 998; 1 folder.  Congressional hearings on Hospital Construction Act (1945), AHA testimony (1955).
Access Term(s): Financing, Government; Hospitals.

Hispanic Americans
Chicano Plan for Mental Health; FL 931.
Hygiene, sanitation & public health in Hispanic New Mexico, by Marc Simmons; FL 1252.
Institute on Narcotic Addiction among Mexican Americans in the Southwest; FL 930.

History of Medicine—New Mexico and the Southwest
“Action of sunlight upon bacteria with special reference to B. tuberculosis,” by John Weinzirl. FL 884.
“American College of Physicians, New Mexico Chapter,” a history compiled by Fred H. Hanold, M.D.; FL 1077.
“Control of Smallpox in New Spain's Northern Borderlands,” by Thomas L. Pearcy; FL 1162.
“Early Military Medicine in New Mexico” by Mildred S. Adler; FL 851.
“For the soul is dead that slumbers: the adventures of a surgeon and his family in New Mexico(1946-1996), a memoir,” by Samuel R. Ziegler, M.D. and Isabel H. Ziegler. As told to Norman P. Ziegler, Ph.D, R.N.
“Handbook...for the Use of Public Health Nurses Working With Rural Spanish-Americans in Northern New Mexico;” FL 905.
“Health Care across Cultures: Public Health Nurses in Hispanic and Native American Communities,” by Sandra K. Schackel; FL 1282.
“Historical Perspective of Tuberculosis on the Border,” Wilhelm R. Rosenblatt; FL 856.
“Historical Study of Medicine in New Mexico,” by Jean Intress; FL 1102.
“History of Urology in New Mexico,” Compiled by Edward L. Johnson, M.D.; FL 926.
“Hygiene, sanitation & public health in Hispanic New Mexico,” by Marc Simmons. FL 1252.
“Indian sweat lodge,” by Laura D. Martin; FL 1028.
“Indigent Care in Sandoval County,” by Ken Brown; FL 862.
“La Doctorcia: memoirs of Virginia Voorhies Milner, M.D.: February 1939-September 1941,” Virginia V. Milner; WZ 100 M63 1989.
“Medical missionaries in New Mexico, 1880-1940,” by Cheryl J. Foote; FL 871.
“Medicine man's art,” by Anna Nolan Clark; FL 1091.
“Medicine in New Mexico: A Historical Perspective” by Robert T. Divett; FL 869.
“Medicine in New Mexico -- from medicine man to meson facility” special issue (Jan., 1980) of New Mexico Magazine;FL 877.
“New Mexico as a health resort,” by George M. Kellogg; FL 977.
“New Mexico: Salubrious El Dorado,” by Karen D. Shane; FL 109.
“Milestones in the Medical History of New Mexico,” by Maxine O. Dellinger; FL 866.
“Navajo Theory of Disease and Healing Practices” by Carl N. Gorman; FL 1029.
Orthopedic surgery in New Mexico, a history,” by W.L. Minear, M.D., Ph.D.; FL 1076.
“Outbreak of Botulism in Tucumcari, New Mexico” by C.H. Douthirt; FL 1286.
“Parteras in Northern New Mexico—a descriptive review of selected practices in midwifery,” by Mary N. Marquez and Consuelo Pacheco (1962); FL 834.
“Pioneer Physicians in Las Vegas, N.M.: 1880-1911,” by Dorothy S. Beimer; FL 1097.
“Pueblo Indian smallpox epidemic in New Mexico, 1898-1899,” by Richard H. Frost; FL 1159.
“Radiology in New Mexico, a History,” by C M. Thompson, M.D.; FL 1112.
“Remedio a Day Keeps the Doctor Away,” by Tibo J. Chavez; FL 1094.
“Reminiscences of an Old Time Pharmacist,” by Fred J. Geyer; FL 823.
“Report on the indigent migratory consumptive in certain cities of the Southwest,” by Jessamine S. Whitney; FL 977.
“Rocky Mountain region for consumptives,” by Eugene M. Littlejohn, M.D., FL 1124.
“Sangre impura in Mora,” by Walter Clarke; FL 865.
“Santa Fe and Santa Fe County,” by Amelia Montoya; FL 836.
“Spanish Doctors in the Old Southwest,” by Richard Dunlop; FL 870.
“Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918 in New Mexico,” by Richard Melzer; FL 1087.
“Some highlights of health care, Silver City, and the Ladies' Hospital, 1880-1900;” FL 1218.
“Syphilis in New Mexico” by Walter Clarke; FL 865.
“Tales Those Nurses Told: Public Health Nurses Among the Pueblo and Navajo Indians,” by Sandra K. Schackel; FL 1132.
“The hospital at the end of the Santa Fe trail: a photographic history of St. Vincent Hospital, Santa Fe, New Mexico,” Clark Kimball and Marcus J. Smith; WX 28 K56 1977.
“Treading the elephant's tail: medical problems on the overland trails” by Peter D. Olch, M.D.; Bulletin of the History of Medicine (Summer 1985); FL 880.

HIV / AIDS Coordinating Council / See: New Mexico Association of People Living with AIDS

Hoermann, Clarence E., D.O., 1906-1976.
PH 004; 1 folder.  Photographs. 
Access Term(s): Physicians, Osteopathic.

Hogares, Inc. Albuquerque (N.M.).
FL 945; 1 folder.  Ephemera.
Term(s): Adolescent Health Services.

Home Care Agencies
New Mexico Association for Home Care; FL 966.
New Mexico Association of Home Health Agencies; FL 1003.

Home Care Services—New Mexico
Home Care Services; DC 408.
Hospital HomeCare (aka Hospital Home Health Inc.). Albuquerque; FL 960.
Visiting Nurse Service. Albuquerque; PH 158-PH 181.

Homeless Persons
Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless Inc.; DC 434.
Barrett House Emergency Shelter for Homeless Women and Their Children. Albuquerque, N.M.; FL 887.
Homeless; DC 434.

“Homeopathy: Question and Answers,” by Karl Robinson, M.D.; FL 850.
Robinson, Karl, M.D.; FL 850.

Hope, Walter G., M.D., 1860-1935.
FL 1108; 1 folder.  Cassette tape of interview with daughter.
Access Term(s): Memoir; Physicians, Family.

Hospital Administrators
Woodham, Ray; FL 1184.
Doherty, Edward F., FL 855.
Barr, Richar B., FL 868.

Hospital HomeCare (a.k.a. Hospital Home Health Inc.). Albuquerque, New Mexico.
FL 960; 1 folder.  Annual reports, etc., 1979-87.
Access Term(s): Home Care Services; Hospice Care.

Hill-Burton Program; FL 998.
Hospitals; DC 446.
Hospitals, Miscellaneous - New Mexico, photographs; PH 095.

Hospitals & Clinics, Obsolete—New Mexico
WX 140 Q2 1975: “The obsolete hospital: raze or recycle?” by Donna E. Quasthoff.
General Files; PH 064.
Alamogordo; PH 063.
Albuquerque; PH 078.
Carlsbad; PH 081.  
Carrizozo; PH 062.  
Clovis; PH 083.
Cuba; PH068.  
Deming; PH 073.
Espanola; PH 072.
Eunice; PH 060.
Farmington; PH 084.
Gallup; PH 077.
Grants; PH 076.
Hobbs; PH 088.
Jal; PH 061.
Las Cruces; PH 085.
Las Vegas; PH 067.
Lordsburg; PH 075.
Lovington; PH 066.  
Mountainair; PH 069.
Portales; PH 082.
Raton; PH 059.
Roswell; PH 079.
Santa Fe; PH 080.
Santa Rosa; PH 065.
Silver City; PH 074.
Socorro; PH 070.
Springer; PH 087.
Taos; PH 071.
Truth or Consequences; PH 086.

Hospitals, New Mexico County
Bernalillo County-Indian Hospital. Albuquerque; FL 820.
Bernalillo County Indian Hospital. Albuquerque; PH 211 and PH 099.
Bernalillo County Medical Center, 1970-1973; Building Expansion/Remodeling; PH 153.
UNM Hospital: Miscellaneous Photos; PH 132.

Hospitals, New Mexico Maternity
Cradle Home Hospital. Santa Fe; FL 1217 and PH 023.  
Women's & Children's Hospital. Albuquerque; DC 409 and PH 018.  

Hospitals, New Mexico Military
Kirtland Field Dispensary (Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque); PH 215.
McAfee Army Hospital. White Sands Missile Range; FL 994.
Veterans Administration Hospital. Albuquerque; PH 112.

Hospitals, New Mexico Osteopathic
New Mexico Osteopathic Medical Association (NMOMA); CN 141.

Hospitals, New Mexico Private
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe (AT&SF) Railroad Hospital. Albuquerque; PH 011 and FL 915.
Women's & Children's Hospital. Albuquerque; DC 409 and PH 018.  

Hospitals, New Mexico Proprietary
Lovelace Clinic (Albuquerque): Astronaut Testing; PH 046.
Lovelace Clinic (Albuquerque): Board of Directors, Medical Staff; PH 043.
Lovelace Clinic (Albuquerque): Buildings and Grounds; PH 044.

Hospitals, New Mexico Psychiatric
Bernalillo County Mental Health / Mental Retardation Center, Buildings and Facilities; PH 224.
Bernalillo County Mental Health / Mental Retardation Center, Dedication; PH 129.
CareUnit Hospital of Albuquerque; FL 1266.
Charter Hospital/Charter Sunrise Hospital. Albuquerque; DC 461.
Charter Sunrise Hospital. Albuquerque; PH 035.  
Children's Psychiatric Hospital. Albuquerque: 10th Anniversary; PH 225.  
Children's Psychiatric Hospital. Albuquerque: Groundbreaking; PH 125.  
Las Vegas Medical Center; CN 149.
Memorial Hospital. Albuquerque; FL 938.
Sandia Ranch Sanatorium. Albuquerque; FL 1008.
Vista Sandia Hospital. Albuquerque; DC 469.

Hospitals, New Mexico Public
Gila Regional Medical Center. Silver City; FL 1218.
Las Vegas Accepts A Challenge; FL 988.
Las Vegas Hospital. Las Vegas; FL 988.
Memorial General Hospital/Memorial Medical Center. Las Cruces; CN 140.
Saint Vincent Hospital. Santa Fe; DC 430.
Silver City; PH 033.  
Some highlights of health care, Silver City, and the Ladies' Hospital, 1880-1900; FL 1218.

Hospitals, New Mexico Religious
Bataan Memorial Methodist Hospital. Albuquerque; CN 114.
Nazareth Hospital/Sanatorium. Albuquerque; DC 469.
Presbyterian Health Plan/Hospital/Medical Center. Albuquerque, CN 127.
Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital/Health Care Services. Gallup; FL 1247.
Saint Joseph Healthcare Corporation/Hospital. Albuquerque; CN 160.
Saint Joseph Hospital. Clayton; FL 928.
Saint Joseph Hospital/Sanatorium. Albuquerque; PH 022.  
Saint Mary's Hospital. Roswell; FL 1234.  
Saint Vincent Hospital/Sanatorium. Santa Fe; PH 002.  

Hospitals, New Mexico State
Insane Asylum/New Mexico State Hospital; CN 149.
Las Vegas Medical Center. Las Vegas; CN 149.
Miner's Hospital. Raton; FL 849; PH 059
Tuberculosis Sanatorium. Socorro; DC 406.

Hospitals, New Mexico Veterans
Fort Bayard VA Hospital; FL 1115.
Kurtz, Chester M., M.D., FACP, 1899-1989; FL 1051.
New Mexico Regional Federal Medical Center (VAMC). Albuquerque; DC 473.
Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC). Albuquerque; PH 112.  

Hossley, William J., M.D., 1916-1995.  [Oral History Collection]
FL 1059; 1 folder.  1 sound cassette (60 min.) + 1 transcript (12 p.), news clippings, 1 color photoprint (9 x 13 cm., 3.5 x 5 in.).
Interview with William J. Hossley by Jake Spidle surveys Dr. Hossley’s forty years as a family practice physician in Deming, Luna County, New Mexico.
Access Term(s): Oral history; Physicians, Family; Rural Health.

Hubbard, E.J., M.D., 1879-1965.
FL 1101; 1 folder.  Cassette tape, outline of 1978 oral history interview by Eastern New Mexico University, Roswell.
Access Term(s): Physicians, Family; Rural Health.

“Hygiene, sanitation & public health in Hispanic New Mexico,” by Marc Simmons.
FL 1252; 1 folder.  Article in New Mexico Historical Review (Jul. 1992).

New Mexico Hypertension Program; FL 1053.