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Alphabetic / Subject Guide to the Collections, Photoarchives and Oral Histories

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“I remember, I remember Truchas the way it was 1936-1956,” by Myrtle Walmsley.
DC 428; 1 folder.
1981 publication of Menaul Historical Library...;
Access Term(s): Memoir; Rio Arriba County, N.M.

Indian Health
Gallup Indian Medical Center. Gallup, N.M.; FL 1141.
Gallup Inter-Agency Alcoholism Coordination Committee., Gallup, N.M.; FL 846.
“Health Care Across Cultures: Public Health Nurses in Hispanic and Native American Communities,” by Sandra K. Schackel; FL 1282.
Indian Health; DC 443.
“Indian sweat lodge,” by Laura D. Martin, (1976); FL 1028.
Navajo Health Care At Fort Defiance, AZ; PH 156.
“Tales Those Nurses Told: Public Health Nurses Among the Pueblo and Navajo Indians,” by Sandra K. Schackel; FL 1132.
Wauneka, Annie Dodge, 1910?-1997; FL 1140

“Indian sweat lodge,” by Laura D. Martin.
FL 1028; 1 folder.  Booklet (c1996) (12p).
Access Term(s): Indian Health; Traditional Medicine.

“Indigent care in Sandoval County,” by Ken Brown.
FL 862; 1 folder.  1985 study and report.
Access Term(s): Sandoval County, N.M.; Medical Indigency.

“Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918 in New Mexico,” by Richard Melzer; FL 1087.

Institute on Narcotic Addiction among Mexican Americans in the southwest.
FL 930; 1 folder.  Proceedings (1971) (DHEW pub HSM 73-9021).
Access Term(s): Hispanic Americans; Substance Abuse.

Insurance, Health
Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico; DC 411.
Health Care in the 1990s: A Small Business Forum; FL 1268.
Insurance Health; DC 439.
New Mexico Physicians Service; CN 139.

Internal Medicine
Babey, Andrew M., M.D.; FL 915.  
Barol, Samuel R., M.D.; FL 854.  
Carr, Thomas Lyle, M.D., MACP; FL 1012.  
Cramer, Oliver S., M.D.; FL 1204.
Demaio, Michele, M.D.; FL 1225.
Dettweiler, John H., M.D.; FL 1245.
Friedenberg, Robert, M.D., FACP; PH 101 and FL 1105.
Gellenthien, Carl Herman, M.D.; PH 027 and FL 1117.
Hanold, Fred H., M.D.; FL 975.
Hartz, Alvin S., M.D.; FL 907.
Kemper, C.M., M.D.; FL 1269.
Kenney, Bergere A., M.D.; FL 807
Kurtz, Chester M., M.D., FACP; FL 1051.
Landmann, H. Richard, M.D.; FL 1202.
Levin, Louis, M.D.; FL 1219.
Lowenstein, Bernard, M.D.; FL 950.  
Massey, Robert U., M.D.; FL 1062.
Mendelson, Ralph W., M.D.; FL 828  
American College of Physicians, New Mexico Chapter, a history compiled by Fred H. Hanold, M.D.; FL 1077.

Intress, Robert H., M.D., 1921-2012.  [Oral History Collection]
FL 1174; 1 folder.  2 sound cassettes (135 min.) + 1 transcript (33 p.), 1 photoprint (2.5 x 3.5 in.): b&w, 6x9 cm.
Interview with Robert H. Intress by Jake Spidle surveys the life and career of Dr. Intress.
Access Term(s): Oral history; Physicians; Anesthesiology.