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Napolitano, Leonard M., Ph.D, 1930-.   [Oral History Collection]
FL 813; 1 folder.  2 sound cassettes (140 min.) + 1 transcript (27 p.).
Interview with Leonard M. Napolitano by Jake Spidle focuses on Dr. Napolitano’s personal and professional background, then shifts to an overview evaluation of the foundation of the University New Mexico School of Medicine and the first decade of its operation.
“Annual progress report: New Mexico maternity and infant care project, calendar year 1972,” [edited by] Leonard M. Napolitano, Perry A. Henderson, R. Richard Murray; .
Access Term(s): Oral History; UNM School of Medicine Deans.

National Conference on Rural Primary Care (7th annual), 1984. Albuquerque, New Mexico.
FL 1136; 1 folder.  Conference program and text of address by N.M. Governor Toney Anaya.
Access Term(s): Rural Health.

National Health Education Activities Survey -- State of New Mexico.
FL 904; 1 folder.  Survey report (1980) (28p).
Access Term(s): Health Education.

National Women's Health Network - New Mexico.
FL 1289; 1 folder.  Newsletter.

Navajo Ethnobotany, photographic slides; 7 folders; PH 141-147.
Navajo Health Authority, 1972-77; photographs; PH 157
Navajo Health Authority/AHEC, 1972-77; photographs; 13 folders; PH 182-194. 
Navajo Health Care at Fort Defiance, AZ; photographs; PH 156
Navajo Health Care Givers; photographs; PH 155
“Navajo theory of disease and healing practices,” by Carl N. Gorman; FL 1029.
“An Introduction to the Navajo,” by Evon Z. Vogt & Clyde Kluckhohn; FL 1139; paper from the Navajo Health Education Project, Tuba City (1959) (15p).
“Nutrition on the Navajo Reservation,” US PHS, Window Rock, AZ, publication: 2d ed. (1965), supplement (1967).FL 1022.
United States Indian Health Service, Navajo Area;CN 134.

Nazareth Hospital/Sanatorium. Albuquerque / See: Vista Sandia Hospital

“Need for health administration education in New Mexico,” by Helen J. Muller, Nancy S.

Kruger, and Larry S. Gordon.
FL 1090; 1 folder.  Article in Border Health (Jul.-Sep. 1988).

Morgan, Clinton W., Jr., M.D.; FL 1279.

New Heart Rehabilitation Program.
FL 946; 1 folder.  Ephemera (1993).
Access Term(s): Heart

New Mexicare.
FL 1267; 1 folder.  Papers, draft legislation on health care reform in New Mexico (1993).

New Mexico (State)
Board of Medical Examiners; Minutes (microfilm copies, 2 rolls) (1902-1975, 1976-79);
     FL 1084.
Board of Pharmacy; CN 112; Regulations (1987), minutes (scattered, 1990-).
Health and Environment Department;
     Regulations governing the practice of certified nurse midwives (Oct. 17, 1980);CN 120, f.16.
     Regulations governing the practice of lay midwifery (Jan. 19, 1982); CN 120, f.17.
     Adult residential shelter care homes regulations and standards: licensing (1976); CN 153.
State Laboratory Building. Albuquerque, New Mexico; photographs; PH 152.
Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Socorro; miscellaneous: occupancy statistics, staff minutes, policies,
     brochures, correspondence (1950-54); DC 406.
Various State Agencies; publications and regulations relating to DPH, HED, HSSD, HSD, DHI,
     (1940s-1990s); 5 boxes; CN 154.

New Mexico Academy of General Dentistry.
CN 169; 1 folder.  Newsletter.

New Mexico AIDS Prevention Program / See: New Mexico Association of People Living with AIDS

New Mexico AIDS Services, Inc.
CN 159; 1 box.  Newsletters, ephemera.
Access Term(s): Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

New Mexico Alcohol Issues Consortium.
DC 403; 1 folder.  Newsletter.
Access Term(s): Alcoholism.

New Mexico Allergy Society.
FL 956; 1 folder.  Southwest Allergy Forum programs (1978,1996).
Access Term(s): Societies, Medical.

“New Mexico as a health resort,” by George M. Kellogg.
FL 977; 1 folder.  Article from JAMA (Sep. 1896).

New Mexico Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
DC 402; 3 folders.  Newsletters.
Access Term(s): Oriental Medicine; Acupuncture.

New Mexico Association of People Living with AIDS.
CN 159; 3 folders.  Newsletters.
Access Term(s): Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

New Mexico Cancer Bulletin / See: American Cancer Society, New Mexico Division, Inc. Albuquerque.

New Mexico Chapter, American Physical Therapy Association (NMAPTA).
CN 146; 1 box.  Minutes, correspondence, 1947-74; Newsletter, 1993-.

New Mexico Chapter, Western Orthopedic Association.
CN 130; 1 Box.  Miscellaneous records, 1955-1985.

New Mexico Citizens Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.
DC 403; 1 folder.  Newsletter.

New Mexico Conference of Social Welfare.
FL 936; 1 folder.  Newsletter, 1956.

New Mexico Council of Community Mental Health Services, Inc.
FL 1259; 1 folder.  Correspondence, 1974-1975 and newsletter, 1978-1981.

New Mexico Cystic Fibrosis Care, Teaching, and Research Center. A proposal...,by Roy. F. Goddard, M.D., 1974.
FL 940; 1 folder.  Proposal document.

New Mexico Dental Association.
CN 169; 1 folder.  Newsletter.
Access Term(s): Dentistry.

New Mexico Emergency Nurses Association.
CN 120; 1 folder.  Newsletter.
Access Term(s): Nursing; Emergency Medicine.

New Mexico Head Injury Foundation, Inc. (Name changed to: Brain Injury Association of New Mexico, Inc.).
DC 449; 1 document case.  Newsletter.
Access Term(s): Brain Injuries

New Mexico Health Babies/Health Families Coalition.
FL 891; 1 folder.  Newsletter, 1990-91.
Access Term(s): Prenatal Care

New Mexico Health Care Association.
CN 144; 1 box.  Newsletters, ephemera.
Access Term(s): Associations; Long Term Care.

New Mexico Health Care Corporation, 1972.
FL 847; 1 folder.  Development Grant Application, 1972
Access Term(s): Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO).

“New Mexico health care industry,” by Brian McDonald.
FL 1285; 1 folder.  Current economic report in New Mexico Business (July 1991).
Access Term(s): Economics, Medical.

New Mexico Health Coalition/New Mexico Chicano Mental Health Task Force.
FL 1026; 1 folder.  Ephemera (1980s).
Access Term(s): Health Education.

New Mexico Health Decisions
FL 909; 1 folder.  Newsletters, 1991-1997.
Access Term(s): Health Policy; Health Planning.

New Mexico Health Foundation, 1946-1964.
DC 401; 1 document case.  History, scrapbooks.
Access Term(s): Financial Support; Health Facilities.

New Mexico health professionals reactivation project.
P02-100, box 2, f.40; 1 folder.  Final reports, FY 1968-70.
Access Term(s): Nurses; Nursing.

New Mexico Health Resources Registry.
FL 1083; 1 folder.  New Mexico health briefs (1979), health data pocket packet (1982-3).

New Mexico Health Resources, Inc.
DC 444; 1 document case.  Correspondence, newsletter.
Access Term(s): Health Manpower; Rural Health.

New Mexico Hospital Association (1947-92).
CN 165; 1 box.  Miscellaneous correspondence and publications, 1947-92.
Access Term(s): Societies, Hospital.

New Mexico Hospital Equipment Loan Council.
FL 906; 1 folder.  1985 Annual Report.

New Mexico Hospitals & Health Systems Association.
CN 165; 1 box.  Newsletters, reports, correspondence (1944-68), programs, ephemera.

New Mexico Institute of Neuroimaging. / See: Neurology

New Mexico Insulin Pump.
PH 226; 1 folder.    Photographs.
Access Term(s): Diabetes; Eaton, R. Philip, M.D.

New Mexico League for Nursing.
CN 120, f.13; 1 folder.  Miscellaneous correspondence (1966, 1981-82, 1991-92).

New Mexico Medical Assistants' Society.
FL 1213; 1 folder.  First annual meeting program (1963).
Access Term(s): Associations.

New Mexico Medical Laboratories, Inc.
FL 1214; 1 folder.  Fee Schedule and Directory of Services, 1983.

New Mexico Medical Review Association (NMMRA).
CN 107; 1 box.  Annual reports, newsletters, proposals.
Access Term(s): Peer Review.

New Mexico Medical Society (original name: Las Vegas Medical Society).
Journal (1905-1916) and newsletters (1965-).
Proceedings, rosters, etc., 1885-1987.
Records, 1881-1885, 1886-.
Officers; Photographs; PH 115
Presidents, 1886-present; photographs; PH 053-PH 058. 
Access Term(s): Physicians; Societies, Medical.

New Mexico Nurses Association.
CN 100 & 101; 3 boxes.  Records, correspondence, 1922-1986.
Access Term(s): Societies, Nursing.

New Mexico Nutrition Committee (1945).
FL 1072; 1 folder.  Letter soliciting legislative support, 1945.
Access Term(s): Child Nutrition.

New Mexico Ob/Gyn Society.
FL 957; 1 folder.  Ephemera (1976-80).
Access Term(s): Societies, Medical.

New Mexico Occupational Therapy Association.
FL 878: 1 folder.  Newsletter, 1985.

New Mexico Ophthalmological Society.
FL 1235; 1 folder.  History.
Access Term(s): Ophthalmology; Societies, Medical.

New Mexico Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy & Parenting (1982-1990).
FL 1150; 2 folders.  Newsletter & Program Directories.
Access Term(s): Pregnancy -- In Adolescence.

New Mexico Orthopedic Association.
CN 130; 1 box.  Miscellaneous records, 1955-85.

New Mexico Osteopathic Medical Association (NMOMA).
CN 141; 1 box.  Correspondence, newsletters, memorabilia.
Access Term(s): Hospitals, Osteopathic; Osteopathic Medicine.

New Mexico Parents Reaching Out.
DC 433; 1 folder.  Newsletter (1985).
Access Term(s): Disabled Persons.

New Mexico Pediatric Society.
CN 166; 3 boxes.  Records, 1945-.
PH 202; Photographs; 1 folder. 
Access Term(s): Pediatrics; Societies, Medical.

New Mexico Physicians Service.
CN 139; 1 box.  Miscellaneous correspondence, 1946-1955.
Access Term(s): Insurance, Health

New Mexico Prenatal Care Network (NMPCN).
DC 481; 1 document case.  History, ephemera (1988-).
Access Term(s): Perinatology.

New Mexico Primary Care Association.
FL 1052; 1 folder.  Grant applications, 1985-87.
Access Term(s): Community Health Centers.

New Mexico Psychoanalytic Society.
FL 1025; 1 folder.  Ephemera.
Access Term(s): Associations.

New Mexico Psychological Association (general file).
PH 005; 1 folder.  Photographs.

New Mexico Public Health Association (NMPHA).
CN 168; 1 box.  Scattered minutes, bylaws, annual meeting booklets, newsletters, ephemera (1930-1980).
PH 038; Health mobile (circa 1922); photograph.
Access Term(s): Public Health; Societies, Scientific.

“New Mexico public health survey, brief analysis of certain factors in...,”by Carl E. Buck. FL 1137; 1 folder.  Paper (1934?).

New Mexico Regional Federal Medical Center (VAMC). Albuquerque, New Mexico.
DC 473; 1 document case.  Assorted Dean's Committee papers, conference materials, publications, ephemera.
Access Term(s): Hospitals, Veterans.

New Mexico Regional Medical Program.
CN 106; 3 boxes.  Records, publications (1966-76).

New Mexico Rehabilitation Association, Inc.
FL 935; 1 folder.  Articles of Incorporation (1970) & newsletters (1985-1990).

New Mexico Rehabilitation Center, Inc., Albuquerque / See: Rehabilitation Center, Inc., Albuquerque

New Mexico Right to Choose.
CN 156; 4 folders.  Newsletter (1982- ) & Annual meeting program booklets (1983- ).
Access Term(s): Abortion, legal.

New Mexico SNAP Project.
CN 118; 1 box.  Miscellaneous records, 1975-1980.
Access Term(s): Education, Nursing.

New Mexico Society for Crippled Children.
DC 433; 1 folder.  New Mexico Sunshine. A quarterly bulletin dedicated to friends of crippled children (1944-45).
Access Term(s): Child Health Services; Disabled Persons; Publication.

New Mexico Society for Healthcare Educators.
FL 934; 1 folder.  Newsletter (1984-1987).
Access Term(s): Health Education.

New Mexico Territorial Medical Society / See: Rocky Mountain Medical Association

New Mexico Tuberculosis Association.
CN 116; 1 box.  Records, publications, 1935-.
Access Term(s): Tuberculosis; Voluntary Health Agencies.

New Mexico Ultrasound Society / See: Radiology (Vertical File)

New Mexico Urological Society / See: History of Urology...

New Mexico Women & Heart Disease Coalition.
FL 959; 1 folder.  Ephemera (1995).
Access Term(s): Women's Health.

“New Mexico: Salubrious El Dorado,” by Karen D. Shane.
FL 1092; 1 folder.  Offprints from New Mexico Historical Review (Oct. 1981).
Access Term(s): Climate; Sanatoria; Tuberculosis.

“New Mexico's proposed physician-monitored remote area health programs,” by Robert B. Monsoon.
FL 885; 1 folder.  Article from Proceedings of the IEEE (Nov. 1989).
Access Term(s): Telemedicine.

Nordstrom, Frank B., M.D., 1925-.   [Oral History Collection]
FL 1248; 1 folder.  1 sound cassette (55 min.) + 1 transcript (14 p.), news clippings.
Interview with Frank B. Nordstrom by Jake Spidle surveys Dr. Nordstrom’s more than 35 years’ medical practice in the San Juan valley in northwestern New Mexico.
Access Term(s): Oral History; Physicians; Pediatrics; Rural Health.

North Central New Mexico Comprehensive Health Planning Council.
DC 442; 1 document case.  Publications (1967-1975).

Nurse Anesthetists
Williams, Clara P., R.N.; FL 947.  

Nurses / Nursing
Ancillary Medical Personnel (General File); PH 094.  
Budlong, Elizabeth, R.N.; FL 1170.  
Claiborne, Georgie D., R.N.; PH 121.
Expanded role of the nurse -- a New Mexico statewide survey; CN 101, f.3.
Fox, Anne, R.N.; PH 039 and FL 1089. 
Martin, Beatrice, R.N.; FL 1270.
“Medicine in New Mexico -- From Medicine Man to Meson Facility” FL 877.
New Mexico (State). Health and Environment Department; CN 120, f.16.
New Mexico Emergency Nurses Association. Albuquerque; CN 120.
New Mexico health professionals reactivation project, P02-100, box 2, f.40.
New Mexico League for Nursing; CN 120, f.13.
Nurses/Nursing; ephemera; CN 120.
Nurses; photographs; PH 111.  
Public health nurses, photographs; PH 097.
Rural Critical Care Nurse Training Project; CN 106, Box 2, f.6.
“Utilization of Basic Science Principles in Solving Nursing Care Problems,” by Marjorie M.
     Christiansen; CN 120, f.3.
Vandervoort, Eunice L., R.N.; FL 1055. 

Nursing Homes
Nursing Homes, Albuquerque Area; CN 161
Nursing Homes; CN 161

Nutrition / Nutrition Surveys
New Mexico Nutrition Committee; FL 1072.
Nutrition on the Navajo; FL 1022.

“Nutrition on the Navajo.”
FL 1022; 1 folder.  US PHS, Window Rock, AZ, publication: 2d ed. (1965), supplement (1967).