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Alphabetic / Subject Guide to the Collections, Photoarchives and Oral Histories

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Vall-Spinosa, Arthur, M.D.
FL 1196; 1 expanding folder.  Papers, draft legislation on health care reform in New Mexico (New Mexicare).
Access Term(s): Health Care Reform; Physicians.

Valmora Industrial Sanatorium, 1922-1965
Buildings & Grounds; photographs; PH 048.
Indoor Views; photographs; PH 131.
Medical equipment, procedures, treatments; photographs; PH 047.
Miscellaneous photographs; PH 051.
Oversized photos; photographs; PH 052.
Patients; photographs; PH 049.
Photo Album; photographs; PH 124.
Records; 6 boxes; CN 110.   
Staff, miscellaneous; Photographs; PH 050.
Symington correspondence and photos; photographs; PH 120.
Access Term(s): Sanatoria; Tuberculosis.

Van Duzen, Jean Livingston, M.D., 1926-2012.  [Oral History Collection]
FL 896; 1 folder.  1 sound cassette (60 min) + 1 transcript (17 pages).
Interview with Jean L. Van Duzen by H. Henrietta Stockel focuses on Dr. Van Duzen’s practice on the Navajo Reservation from 1954 to 1980.
Access Term(s):  Indian Health Service; Navajo Nation; Oral History; Physicians; Traditional Medicine.

Van Pelt, Esther S., D.O., 1903-1995.   [Oral History Collection]
FL 853; 1 folder.  1 sound cassette (60 min.) + 1 transcript (13 p.), 1 col. photoprint (10 x 13 cm., 4 x 5 in.).
Interview with Esther S. Van Pelt by Jake Spidle surveys Dr. Van Pelt’s life and career as an osteopathic physician in New Mexico.
Access Term(s): Oral History; Physicians, Women; Physicians, Osteopathic.

Vander Wagen, Robert C., M.D., 1930-2003.  [Oral History Collection]
FL 1191; 1 folder.  1 sound cassette (40 min.) + 1 transcript (9 p.), news clippings.
Interview with Robert C. Vander Wagen by David B. Post surveys Dr. Vander Wagen’s life and career as a pediatrician and public health specialist with the Indian Health Service.
Access Term(s): Oral History; Physicians; Pediatrics; Public Health.

Vandervoort, Eunice L., R.N., 1909-2001.  [Oral History Collection]
FL 1055; 1 folder.  2 sound cassettes (125 min.) + 1 transcript (24 p.), news clippings, inventory of items donated to archives collections by Mrs. Vandervoort.
Interview with Eunice L. Vandervoort by Jake Spidle surveys Mrs. Vandervoort’s career in “pioneer” public health in New Mexico in the 1930’s and 1940’s.
Access Term(s): Oral History; Public Health Nursing; Nurses; Rural Health.

Veterans Administration Medical Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Photographs; PH 112.
Kurtz, Chester M., M.D., FACP; FL 1051.
Lowenstein, Bernard, M.D.; FL 950.

DC 476; 1 document case.  Ephemera.

Visiting Nurse Service, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
PH 158-PH 181; 14 folders.  Photographs.
Access Term(s): Home Care Services; Nurses; Nursing.

Vista Sandia Hospital. Albuquerque, New Mexico.
DC 469; 1 document case.  Ephemera.
Access Term(s): Hospitals, Psychiatric.

Voluntary Health Agencies, New Mexico
American Cancer Society, New Mexico Division, Inc. Albuquerque; DC 410.
American Heart Association, New Mexico Affiliate; DC 483.
Bernalillo County, NM Tuberculosis Association, 1955-57; FL 1129.
Easter Seal Society of New Mexico; DC 433.
March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, New Mexico Chapter; FL 967.
New Mexico Tuberculosis Association; CN 116.
Red Cross (General File); PH 016.