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Alphabetic/Subject Guide to HSLIC Special Collections, Photo Archives and Oral Histories

The New Mexico Health Historical Collection documents the history of health in the state and the Southwest by collecting and preserving materials that include oral histories, organizational records, rare books, photographs, artifacts, and a monograph collection.

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This guide directs you to an alphabetical listing of a variety of historical resources, including materials on individual hospitals, federal programs in the state, municipal and state agencies, voluntary health agencies, diseases and medical conditions, and health issues. There also are personal papers, organizational records, oral history interviews and photographs. The listing is by collection title and subject headings.

Material Requests:
You may request materials from the Health Historical Collection by contacting Laura J. Hall.

The Oral History Program

The Oral History Program was begun in 1982 to record the work experiences of the most senior and longest-practicing medical doctors in New Mexico. The ongoing program contains approximately 160 accessible transcripts of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.

Oral History Collection