HSLIC Service

HSLIC Service

Computer Classrooms

Two computer classrooms are available for hands-on instruction.

One classroom on wheels (referred to as the Calf) is available and contains 16 laptops.

What We Do

HSLIC Room 226 has an instructor station, 12 student stations, a projector/screen and iClicker functionality.

The Med 2 building classroom has an instructor station, 26 student stations, a projector and iClicker functionality.

If you are a faculty member who is developing new courses for computer classrooms, we highly recommend that you consult with the HSC Classroom Technology Unit – submit a request here - at least 10 business days before your reservation date regarding availability of appropriate software.

Why Do I Want It?

To provide interactive, hands-on instruction in classrooms equipped with laptop computers

Who Is This For?

HSC and UNM instructors and trainers

How Do I Get It?

Please check room availability in EMS (ems.unm.edu) and then email HSC-HSLICReservations@salud.unm.edu to request reservations. Keys to the Med 2 classroom are available for checkout at the HSLIC Service Point immediately prior to your scheduled reservation time. For HSLIC Room 226, please stop by the Service Point and staff will unlock the room for you.

For questions concerning the Med 2 building and HSLIC Room 226, email reflib@salud.unm.edu or call (505) 272-2311; for questions concerning the Calf, email HSC-HSLICReservations@salud.unm.edu or call (505) 272-2311.

What Do I Need?

HSC faculty, staff or a person acting on the behalf of HSC faculty may reserve a classroom for the purposes outlined above. Main-campus faculty may reserve a classroom in their capacity as a guest lecturer for an HSC course. Faculty with joint appointments may reserve a classroom for use associated with HSC courses. Faculty teaching main-campus courses related to undergraduate nursing programs also may reserve a classroom.

Service Hours

The operating hours for Med 2 and HSLIC Room 226 are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday. Weekend operating hours begin 30 minutes after the library opens and end one hour before the library closes, or by special arrangement.


Calf: HSC-HSLICReservations@salud.unm.edu or call (505) 272-2311. HSLIC or Med2: reflib@salud.unm.edu  or call (505) 272-2311.

Service Owner

HSC Office for Academic Affairs, HSLIC, HSC CIO


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