HSLIC Service

HSLIC Service

Envoy (Departmental Liaison) Services

The Envoy Program is designed to foster personalized, long-term, collaborative relationships between HSLIC and the departments, programs and staff composing the Health Sciences Center.

What We Do

Envoy librarians work to be problem solvers and points of contact for a department and to fulfill the department's information needs. Among other projects, your Envoy may do the following:

  • Help HSC departments and programs solve their information and IT problems
  • Ensure that HSLIC resources effectively support HSC clinical, educational and research initiatives
  • Promote awareness of HSLIC resources, services and educational opportunities
  • Collaborate on grant applications with knowledge management or informatics components
  • Conduct an information needs assessment
  • Conduct customized presentations or training on software programs such as RefWorks or GroupWise
  • Conduct demonstrations of specific products and resources
  • Create subject guides to literature and resources in specific fields
  • Facilitate copyright advice/consultations
  • Consult on educational technologies
  • Help develop a departmental website and keep it current and relevant

Why Do I Want It?

Envoys provide personalized service based on the long-term relationships they build.

Who Is This For?

HSC faculty and some hospital personnel

How Do I Get It?

Envoys are available for both in-person and remote consultation.

Please contact your HSLIC faculty Envoy for more information. You can find a  list of Envoys and the departments they serve at https://hslic.unm.edu/contact/envoys1.html.

Service Hours

Support for this services is available 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. M-F and at other times by arrangement.

Service Owner

Steve Stockdale, Deputy Director of Operations, HSLIC, SStockdale@salud.unm.edu


Envoy Program

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