HSLIC Service

HSLIC Service

Literature Searches

On your request, HSLIC's faculty librarians will provide literature searches of one or more databases on your topic. There is no charge for this service for UNM faculty, staff or students.

We will search the professional literature for citations on your topic from a variety of resources and provide you with a bibliography. If our search misses the mark, we will adjust and rerun it.

What We Do

The librarian who will be running the search will discuss your topic with you. Then he or she will search multiple databases, aggregate the retrieved information and provide you with a bibliography of citations with abstracts.

Who Is This For?

This service is available to both UNM and non-UNM individuals.

How Do I Get It?

Results are usually in MS Word, and we deliver them as an email attachment or print them.

Please contact the HSLIC Service Point at (505) 272-2311 or RefLib@salud.unm.edu.

How Much Does It Cost?

Mediated literature searches are free to UNM faculty, students, residents, fellows and staff. There is a $74 per hour charge for unaffiliated users, including New Mexico health care providers, government agencies, for-profit organization and members of the public. A billing account must be set up in advance; contact the library for details.

Service Hours

You may make requests for this service whenever the library is open. Please allow a 24- to 48-hour turnaround for delivery of results.


Please contact the HSLIC Service Point at (505) 272-2311 or reflib@salud.unm.edu.

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HSLIC Service Point

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