HSLIC Service

HSLIC Service

Reference Services

HSLIC helps you use library reference materials and find needed information.

What We Do

HSLIC librarians and professional staff will provide you with direct assistance or refer you to a subject specialist. Your query may lead to scheduled consults or mediated literature searches.

Why Do I Want It?

By consulting one of our knowledgeable librarians or staff members, you can find the answers and tools you need.

Who Is This For?

Reference services are available to anyone who uses HSLIC's services.

How Do I Get It?

Reference services are available in person whenever the building is open or by phone (505-272-2311) or email (reflib@salud.unm.edu). A webform is also available at http://hslic.unm.edu/resources/i_need_to/. The complexity and timing of your question will dictate how much of a librarian's time is required to provide you with the appropriate reference services. 

Service Hours

This service is available whenever the library is open.


For reference support, visit the HSLIC Service Point, call (505) 272-2311, email reflib@salud.unm.edu or use the webform at http://hslic.unm.edu/resources/i_need_to/.

Service Owner

HSLIC Research, Education and Distance Services

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